About Us


Tree Shadow Interior is not just a company or business as everybody would assume but, it’s more than that. As it was a vision foreseen by two Gentlemen, Mr. Kishan Shekhawat and Mr. Ramkishan. Now, History of these two is pretty interesting. As Mr. Kishan Shekhawat just completed his Diploma of Interior Designing on 15th June 2015. And at that time Mr. Ramkishan was a supervisor in company of Interior Designing which is based in Mumbai.

So, these two met and decided to start their own company, as one of them was having all the theoretical knowledge about Interior Designing. And the other was already a trained field expert. With collective knowledge of both individuals, in the field of Interior Designing they both performed admirably.

Time Stamp:

It’s been three years since Tree Shadow was founded and, as we know that starting a new firm is entirely a competitive task. Rather than working for a well settled firm, these two gentlemen were seeking an opportunity to implement their own skills in real world.working hard to create something which is more beautiful and unique than what is already been designed.

We know top Interior Design Firms, which have already been settled as developed company. They use predefined designs as there is no time for them to redesign everything new for each and very clients. But, Interior Design is all about client’s perspective, and need some changes here and there even after designing on paper. As, when implemented in reality some changes are ought to happen.


So, by using their own perspective while keeping in mind that the client is expecting a masterpiece. Tree Shadow Interiors happily served 200+ project in these past three years, and are looking forward to serve even more. We don’t want to implement that other firms are not as good as us. But, we assure you full focus on your dream Interior Design, while making it Budget Friendly at the same time.

We also know that Interior Designing always require some expenses. But, those are just optional as some client’s prefer for an entire Redesign and some requires partial Design.


You can hire Tree Shadow Interior to get that Premium but budget friendly look . That not only enhances your property but, keeps that personal touch in the designed, specially Designed according to your needs.

You can expect full focus and on-time delivery, you ought to meet our expert and have a free consultation regarding Time, Price and an overview of what you get with Tree Shadow Interiors.